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The Maid of Antrim which has operated in Lough Neagh since the mid 1960's offers a number of exciting trips on Lough Neagh and so much more. These run through the summer months from Easter to Halloween offering the chance to experience the splendour of Lough Neagh at it's best.

BBQ Cruise & Guided Tour at Ram's Island and Coney Island
Sunday Cruises
Enjoy the good weather by partaking in our Sunday Cruises.

There is also the opportunity to charter the Maid of Antrim for your own private party. These private cruises will be available according to demand and can be as long or as short as desired. There is limited availability for these private charters so booking for all cruises is essential. The cost of these private cruises varies depending on the package each group chooses, the number sailing on the evening and the length of the cruise chosen. Day time private charters through the week can be accommodated by prior arrangment for school trips or groups who wish to sail during working hours. Live music can be arranged be it Jazz, Country or Pop if desired. There is a commentary on all cruises. Bookings can be made by calling 079 69 927 098.