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The Maid of Antrim can be chartered on 1 to 5 hour cruises affording passengers a unique experience of this great inland waterway. Some of the sights to see include Langford Lodge - one of the largest US Air Force bases in Ulster during the second world war. Crumlin Bay and Ram‘s Island offer views of the large bird and wildlife colonies and providing visibility of the entire Lough. The boat can also be chartered to Coney Island and Oxford Island where the cruiser can stop at Kinnego Bay for a visit to the Discovery Centre for a detailed history of the Lough.

The Maid can be chartered for Birthday Parties, Family Trips, Outward Bound Courses, Fancy Dress Parties and barbecues.

Popular activities are BBQ‘s on Ram‘s Island which is currently being restored to its former glory with new paths, steps, sheltered jetty and picnic area. The cruise leaves Antrim marina, past the water tower and sand quay at Ballyginnif near to McKenna‘s public house, to Langford Lodge and on to the jetty at the southern tip of Ram‘s Island.

Coney Island is also another favourite with a National Trust Warden who offers a welcoming insight into the history of the island including the Anglo-Norman Motte, Coney Cottage, Saint Patrick‘s Stone and the diverse wildlife.

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The Maid offers a unique opportunity to entertain guests and clients in relaxed, comfortable surroundings away from disturbances and distractions, offering a tailor made package of food, entertainment and destination. Ideal for small conferences or as a hospitable gesture, the Maid of Antrim can offer a range of facilities to make your trip a successful and memorable one.

Light refreshments are on offer or by prior arrangement a buffet can be provided. Alternatively, the boat can be chartered to stop off at a number of destinations where passengers can wine and dine on shore before boarding the Maid for the return trip back to the marina.

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Renowned as Ulster‘s great ‘Inland Sea’ an educational trip can serve as a venture into the rich culture and nature of the Lough. Take a leisurely trip past the World War II torpedo platform or learn of the Battle of Lough Neagh when the steamer, the Countess of Caledon went down to the fore of Shanes Castle.

Discover the legend of Finn McCool who is said to have scooped up a huge lump of earth and threw it at his rival, the thieving Scottish Giant, and landed in the Irish sea that is now known as the Isle Of Man. The resulting hole gradually filled with water to become Lough Neagh.

Shanes Castle may be in ruins but it is reputed to be haunted by a banshee. It is said one of the O‘Neills found a white heifer caught in a thorn tree and forgetting that the fairies considered this tree to be sacred, cut a branch to release the animal. On his return home he found that his daughter Kathleen had been carried off by the wee folk to the bottom of the lough. Ever since, when impending doom has threatened the family her wailing has been heard upon the shore line of the lough and along the ruined walls of the castle.

On the cross at Ardboe count the 22 carved panels depicting biblical scenes - New Testament on the West, Old Testament on the East - and relive the time when the abbey, whilst under construction, was devoid of water when the lough dried up but was helped by the milk of a cow to mix the mortar that happened to wander to the site from the dry lough.

Learn about the ‘three sisters’ - the very short distance between waves on the lough.
Lough Neagh homes - pieces of petrified wood that are washed up on the shore line and have been sold as knife and scythe sharpeners.

What are the main rivers that flow into the lough and what river flows out ?

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